Your sherpa up the mountain of successful software delivery.

Having been an integral part of the delivery of many projects we can help avoid the major pitfalls of this complicated and risky undertaking.

All services are fully remote so COVID-safe, and compatible with your own remote-working setups.

Projects can be greenfield, brownfield or legacy.

Each stage contains no commitment to move to the next with us.

Free 30 Minute Expert Advice Call

“I really need to know if I’m missing something before paying to build this software”

Get 30 mins of our expert’s time, no risk, no commitment.

Get a new perspective on the fundamentals that will result in success or failure.

By seeking expert opinion you’ll avoid throwing money away on a doomed project, or wasting money on outdated technology and practices.

Organise a time.

Assessment of Risks and Opportunities

“What’s going to trip us up if we kick off this project? Do we have any organisational or technical problems we should be looking into to ensure we aren’t wasting money?”

1-2 weeks of research into your organisation’s capabilities and challenges, resulting in a report that will give you the top ten biggest threats to your project and advice on tackling each one.

  • Calls with key stakeholders.
  • Assessment of key factors that will contribute to success/failure of your proposed project.

With this report in hand you’ll be able to adjust course and focus on the key areas that will give your project the best chance of success.

Project Setup, Mentoring & Oversight

If you have other people you’d like to use for delivery but you want an independent trusted voice we can provide assistance with initial project setup, and ongoing oversight.

  • Technology and process strategy/guidance.
  • Assistance with interviewing/filtering team members.
  • Oversight of progress, re-assessment of risk.

Prototype / Alpha / Beta / Phase(s)

Build of early versions of products and services that can be tested with end-users / customers and iterated upon.

Live Delivery Phase(s)

Create production-grade software, delivered on a regular cadence to end users.


Retainers are available to provide access to expertise as needed.

Custom Engagements

If you like what we do but the above doesn’t fit then get in touch to discuss options.

All prices exclude VAT