Successful Software Delivery

If you’re about to embark on new software project…. stop! Talk to us first. Great software delivery is hard, and full of pitfalls. Plenty of people will just say yes to anything you want. You need to hear the hard truths now from someone you can trust to tell it to you straight.

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Greenfield Projects

Considering laying down fresh new code in an untouched area of your business? Lucky you, enjoy the thrill, but let us help you avoid the mistakes we’ve seen before.

Brownfield / Legacy / Rescue Projects

Previous team couldn’t deliver? Drowning in bugs? We have extensive experience in turning around projects that could never seem to ship great product.

No B.S.

We’re not here to sycophantically tell you your project is the best idea ever and will succeed in every possible way no matter what. That helps no-one. We’re here to bring hard truths to you fast, so you can act to turn failure into success.

Let’s Chat

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