photo of people holding hands on bikes at sunset, just for the mood

Our Values


Need we say more? We are all humans together, we care about each other regardless of company and financial boundaries.


Sadly I think this needs stating. There are too many businesses that employ deception to make a profit. We don’t. If we don’t know, we’re not going to pretend we do.

Excellent communication

Taking the time to explain complicated technical issues in a way that makes sense to you. So many in the engineering space treat their users like idiots, when they are intelligent people that have chosen to focus their learning elsewhere. We don’t hide the truth from you because “you wouldn’t understand”, instead we help you understand so you can make the best decisions for your business.

A desire to make you, your customers and your staff successful

This is not a zero sum game.

When you win, we all win.


We have all walked different paths in life. We value you for you.


We have a drive to share the beautiful knowledge we have gained with all who want to know it. The more you know the better we are together. Some technical folk like to use phrases like “they don’t need to know” or “they wouldn’t be able to understand”, we think this is disrespectful to those we work to help. We will gladly sharing our expertise with anyone who wants to learn more. We love it when people ask questions. Our secret sauce isn’t our proprietary knowledge; it’s our values and commitment to your success.

Technical excellence

There’s nothing wrong with being a nerd and loving the technology for it’s own sake. Sometimes that extra mile in a solution is for no reason other than it’s the right thing to do. Sure we could take a short cut, and leave that possibility of failure there out of lazyness or lack of caring, but we do care, and we like things to be right.

Positivity and encouragement

We assume the best intentions of others, and give the best of ourselves to help others

Humility & confidence

Tech is infinitely complicated and we can’t know everything, but we have the skills to help you be better than you were without us.

Standing by our moral values

Sorry, we don’t think gambling or payday loans are good for our society so won’t be working with these kinds of clients

Doing what you really need

Not just what you tell us you need.

Communicating how we can help you better than you could have imagined

Lifelong learning

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” ~ Mark Twain

We can never know it all. We are strong in some areas and weak in others. It’s great to be great at something, but there’s always more growth to be had.

Can we all claim to have finished learning in all these areas of life?

  • Work
  • Loving relationships
  • Parenting (or maybe dealing with other people’s children!)
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Friends
  • Physical wellbeing & health
  • Spirituality (whether you’re religious or not)
  • Aesthetics
  • Community
  • Recreation / sport / hobbies

Seems to us there’s always something new to learn in this wonderful stint on planet earth.

Our commitment to our values

These values come from the founder’s heart, and guide everything we do, who we work with, who we hire to create great experiences.

If we fall short, we want to know about it.

This is a living document and will grow with us.